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Do you have a Global Talent/ International recognition with qualification
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Are you Skilled for a Migration Visa?
1.Relevant Qualification
2.3-5 years of closely related experience
3.Good English Communication.

Different Landscape
Different Life
Different Life Style
Migrate to Australia……..

Australian Relative Points
Do you have a close relative who is an Australian Citizen or PR ?
Why should you not use it for your skilled migration prospectus?
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Significance of Australian Migration
1.Quicker Permanent Residence
2.Quicker Citizenship
3.Eligible for OCI in India after Australian Citizenship.

Are you only dealing with Registered Migration Agent, Legal Practitioner or Exempt Persons for migration assistance?
The Australian law does not allow persons other than the above to offer migration assistance.


About Us

The migration practice ‘Expert Visa and Migration Solutions’ has been incorporated in Australia in the year 2017 under the leadership of Raja Iyyaswamy after his completion of migration course and fulfilling the requirements to start a migration practice.

He is a registered migration agent accredited with office of Migration Agents and Regulatory Authority, Australia with MARN NO:1795491. He is authorized and accredited person under migration law/regulation to provide Australian migration advice.  


Why Choose

1. We are registered migration practice under the Office of Migration Agents and Regulatory Authority of Australia, Australian Business Regulatory, Australian Tax Office through ABN and also under Indian government authorities like Business Registration, Tax, MSME Act (UDYAM-TN-02-0227689) etc.

2. With six years’ experience as migration agent, his qualification and industrial expertise of 20 years he would guide the clients with the best possible strategies which are appropriate under migration.law, code of conduct and government regulations of Australia. (as well as India) 

3. In 15 years of Australian life, the agent has experienced different aspects of life which he use to guide the potential migrants of what they expect as opportunities and challenges as a new migrant.

Why Australia

1. Small Population, so more opportunities: Australia is only 0.3% of the world population but it is 12th  largest economy of A$ 2.2 trillion in 2021.

2. Economic Intelligence Unit, 2022 stated that Australia is No 1 in legal system, Quality of Bureaucracy, Lowest Risk of Social unrest and External Interventions in the world.

3. 29% of the population of Australian population is born overseas, so multicultural!.

4. Shanghai Rating Consultancy, 2022 in its report has rated 7 and 24 Australian Universities in Top 100 and in Top 500 universities of the world.

5. 3rd  in the list according to World Happiness Index published in 2022.

6. Close proximity to Asia – only 11 hours 45 minutes from Sydney to Bengaluru, only 12 hours 50 minutes from Sydney to New Delhi.


Our Services

Preliminary Assesment

The preliminary assessment is a migration advice report of a client for a potential migration plan to Australia. (having at least one in a family as a primary applicant) This is the first stage of working on the migration process as agent and the client would come to know where they stand, areas in which the clients can add additional points, appropriate cost involved etc.

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Skilled Migration

The skilled migration program is a system which allows potential foreign migrants who are skilled in an occupation/ group of occupation

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Global Talent Program

This migration pathway is to attract the best and brightest skills/ talent of foreign individuals who are willing to migrate and contribute for Australia.

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Partner Visa

An applicant must be sponsored by an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen aged over 18 years who is a spouse (married), De-facto partner or long live relationship including same sex relationship of the applicant.

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Parent Migration

The parent migration enables the Australian citizen or permanent residents to sponsor their parents for temporary or permanent residence in Australia.

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Skilled Migration

Global Talent Program

This is a permanent visa program where applicants of the best of the best, exceptionally talented and prominent professionals who can contribute to Australia prominence in their area of field or expertise.


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